Atlanta Startup Village: The Largest Monthly Gathering of Entrepreneurs in the Southeast

Atlanta Startup Village was started for all the people who despised attending valueless Meetups, worn-out happy hours, and good-hearted grab-ass fests. It was made for the person who’s been itching to see how others left their corporate job to start a company. It was made for the college graduate who still doesn’t know what they want to do, but “this technology thing” is interesting. Or my favorite, Atlanta Startup Village was made for the transplant from Chicago, LA, or New York who had zero-clue about Atlanta’s tech scene…and was subsequently wowed.

This past week, MailChimp developer and Atlanta Startup Village head-organizer, Chris Beauregard and I were going back and forth about how cool it was to help build the biggest tech Meetup in Atlanta. Let me emphasize help, because with out Heath Hyneman, Kevin Wallace, Scotty Hendo, David Cummings, Kyle Porter, Erin Rosintoski, Kaitlyn Klimbach, Karen Houghton and the several volunteers and sponsors it wouldn’t of happened.

People ask why does Atlanta Startup Village’s continual growth occur and I rarely have a good answer. There are so many soft items I point to but in the end, it’s a mix of timing, people, venues, structure and of course, the companies.

It’s not on a resume, Twitter bio, or Linkedin profile of anyone who’s helped build it. There’s never been a cost to attend. The event has always been open to anyone and everyone who wants to learn from the community and pay it forward. That may have something to do with it.

We are taking a hiatus for August but will be back in September for what I predict will be the most popular ASV to-date. The companies are already finalized and I promise, this is one you worth attending. Mark your calendar for the last Monday in September!

Atlanta’s technology scene is growing so fast — it’s fun to watch and be part of it.

Below is a list of the companies who have presented in the last 20 Atlanta Startup Villages:

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