2 Great Stories from 60 Minutes

There were two amazing stories on 60 Minutes this evening.

The first was a story of how military tactics used by Officer Mike Cutone in Iraq can be used in the streets of the United States — particularly Springfield, Mass. Their strategy is community driven; It’s not just about arrests. Officer Cutone focuses on building real trust and relationships in the community and it makes so much sense. Some of the strategies they use include:

– regular meetings between business and community leaders
– door to door canvassing
– walking students and families to school
– employ the latest statistical data and analysis from Harvard to help fight crime
– educating the community of their work
– going one step further by helping kids in the streets find jobs



The second story focuses on billionaire, hedge-fund manager Paul Tudor Jones and his non-profit Robin Hood. Paul takes the same level of accountability and metric-driven results he uses in the business world and applies it to philanthropy. I love how Paul has not only organized NYC’s wealthiest folks (they raised over $57+mm in one night at the annual Robin Hood gala), but also how he required progress and accountability in every organization the Robin Hood fund contributes too.

These stories are great and it’s inspiring to see so much progress occurring outside of my hyper-focused world of technology.

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