A Vision's Continuum of Belief

When pitching a vision or a future state of something, there’s a “continuum of belief” the seller or pitcher starts to understand. The current state on the continuum is constantly changing through the progress and momentum of the idea, project, or company on one axis (Y). The other axis (X) is the continuum of belief of each individual on that particular idea, project, or company. When added up and compounded, I believe Crossing the Chasm occurs. 

What does all this mumbo jumbo mean and how is it applied in real life? 

The best example I can find right now is Intown Golf Club. When Michael Williamson started pitching the vision nearly two years ago, only a small passionate group of golf enthusiasts understood it and saw the value. As time went on, Michael and team were able to construct the early fundamentals of a business: a brand, logo, name, website, designs, and more. Once accomplished, another group of people moved on their “continuum of belief” because they were able to see something real and tangible — even if it was just digital. 

As the vision picks up steam through execution, credibility and social proof compound on the Y axis which helps prior skeptics traverse towards belief on their X axis. 

Those pitching the vision must maintain and grow belief; this drives everything in the early stages. Credible execution and earlier believers / product users are the fuel and validation.

When the Atlanta Business Chronicle made the announcement after the lease was signed, a whole new layer of people not only found out about the vision but several of those who were previously skeptical moved along their X axis. The verbal painting of the vision didn’t work. The website, logo, and name didn’t push them along as it did for others. Yet, when the Atlanta Business Chronicle reported on it, that degree of validation made the progress tangible for a whole new layer of folks.

With the lease signed, construction started, and regular food tastings commenced, the continuum of belief (in the vision of the idea / company) on the Y axis progresses. Assuming authentic demand, as the execution and credibility of the project grows, so does the advancement of popularity and progress on the X axis. In the case of Intown Golf Club, that growth is proven by the large number of inbound requests to join. 

Remarkably, this demand has occurred months before the doors open, the first swing is swung and the initial sip is poured. As the club opens and people can see and touch the results of execution, that continuum of belief will only grow…on both axises. 

The convergence of axises creates interesting categories of people including: earlier believers, early skeptics, late skeptics, and late believers. As timing is everything in this world, picking when you believe in an idea, cause, project, or company’s vision can have profound effects. 

Believing too early with little execution or a bad idea can leave you spinning your wheels. Picking too late can leave you out of a golden opportunity.

Dissecting a vision is fascinating and well before the nuts and bolts of the operating and executing, however if the vision is not there, the execution becomes even more difficult.

Below is a diagram:

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