Atlanta Startup Village: The Largest Monthly Gathering of Entrepreneurs in the Southeast

Atlanta Startup Village was started for all the people who despised attending valueless Meetups, worn-out happy hours, and good-hearted grab-ass fests. It was made for the person who’s been itching to see how others left their corporate job to start a company. It was made for the college graduate who still doesn’t know what they want to do, but “this technology thing” is interesting. Or my favorite, Atlanta Startup Village was made for the transplant from Chicago, LA, or New York who had zero-clue about Atlanta’s tech scene…and was subsequently wowed.
This past week, MailChimp developer and Atlanta Startup Village head-organizer, Chris Beauregard and I were going back and forth about how cool it was to help build the biggest tech Meetup in Atlanta. Let me emphasize help, because with out Heath Hyneman, Kevin Wallace, Scotty Hendo, David Cummings, Kyle Porter, Erin Rosintoski, Kaitlyn Klimbach, Karen Houghton and the several volunteers and sponsors it wouldn’t of happened.
People ask why does Atlanta Startup Village’s continual growth occur and I rarely have a good answer. There are so many soft items I point to but in the end, it’s a mix of timing, people, venues, structure and of course, the companies.
It’s not on a resume, Twitter bio, or Linkedin profile of anyone who’s helped build it. There’s never been a cost to attend. The event has always been open to anyone and everyone who wants to learn from the community and pay it forward. That may have something to do with it.
We are taking a hiatus for August but will be back in September for what I predict will be the most popular ASV to-date. The companies are already finalized and I promise, this is one you worth attending. Mark your calendar for the last Monday in September!
Atlanta’s technology scene is growing so fast — it’s fun to watch and be part of it.
Below is a list of the companies who have presented in the last 20 Atlanta Startup Villages:
July 2014
  • NinjaPost – hosted forum software.
  • Hux – book a cleaner online in 2 minutes flat.
  • Playout: The Game – exercise mobile app.
  • Buzzboard – digital media sales productivity
  • UserIQ – create beautiful, personal, data-driven In-app messages and guided tours.

June 2014

  • Relately – build valuable business relationship
  • PtTrax – personal training software
  • Calendly – simple, beautiful scheduling
  • Prediction Log – THE destination to officially log your
    predictions on anything and everything.
  • AirSage – widest coverage of any real-time location based service provider in the country.

May 2014

April 2014

March 2014

February 2014: Skipped

January 2014

  • Rescour– Stay informed and organized with accurate and continuously updated institutional multi-family listings.
  • Restaurant Report – the first app to grade and sort restaurants based on their health inspection score before you eat out.
  • Catavolt – Mobile Software as a Service SaaS enable companies to access their existing systems such as SAP, Oracle, Infor, IBM i and Microsoft SQL Server on iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablets and Smartphones.
  • – “Clean your email list and never be blocked again”
  • RetailPoint – Cloud based point of sale software and retail management software.

December 2013: Skipped

November 2013:

  • Blumenlo – mobile solutions in the healthcare space.
  • VehWare – designing, installing, marketing and servicing Visual Black Box technology for large trucks, busses and other fleet vehicles.
  • SalesVibe – Glassdoor for B2B Sales.
  • Regpoint Solutions – develops registration management software and online registration systems for schools, camps, athletic clubs, sports camps, events
  • Liberated Tech – Volunteers with little to no computer experience are trained to refurbish donated equipment. Volunteers gain hardware and software skills and the refurbished computers are kept out of landfills and distributed back to the community for free or at very low cost in our Thrift Store.
October 2013:
  • Uruut – first crowdfunding platform built from the ground up to achieve greater funding success by helping connect non-profits with three funding sources
  • Cooleaf – live healthy and be rewarded.
  • Visual Art Werks – mobile gaming.
  • CheckAction – a smarter way to work IT projects.
  • iOximeter – measure heart rate and oxygen level from an iPhone.

September 2013:

  • – Bootstrapped on her part time, Dental Post is now a booming job site for dental jobs.
  • nuVizz – mobile apps for the enterprise including: DeliverIt, Time Study, TrackIt
  • Stax Exchange  – tax credit exchange platform for businesses.
  • Healthpons – free portal that allows doctors and radiological facilities to sell their services at a cash price or discounted cash price for healthcare.
  • QASymphony – solutions for testers at any stage

August 2013:

  • Transcripts HQ – High Quality and user friendly audio and video transcription.
  • Finestra Art App – find and buy local art that speaks to you.
  • Rivalry – sales performance management software.
  • CallRail  – Phone call analytics for PPC, SEO and Offline Marketing
  • Atlanta Tech Edge – The Hottest Show on Atlanta Technology

July 2013:

  • Dynoforms – help companies quickly mobilize their business and easily automate data gathering in the field using any mobile device.
  • – makes it easy to get more dates.
  • Ego Ventures – is a privately held innovation lab with projects in mobile application and accessories including the commercially successful, Cycloramic.
  • Frozen Pints – craft beer ice cream
  • Moocdom – Making sense of the universe of MOOCs

June 2013:

May 2013:

  • VillageDefense – Turn your neighborhood into a network of awareness.
  • NCrowd – Online customer acquisition for local merchants.
  • – online home of the dude ranch vacation industry.
  • SideWalk District – All your favorite local store in any category, in one place.
  • Ionic Security – The unified data and mobility security platform.

April 2013:

  • Deductmor makes tax time a joy for the self-employed. Stage: Pre-revenue.
  • QGenda provides scheduling software for physicians who are on-call. Stage: 20+ employees
  • Kevy synchronizes data across your web-based applications that don’t currently talk to each other. Stage: launching this month.
  • PeachDish delivers a box of fresh ingredients for dinner for two every week for $20. Stage: launching this month.
  • BitPay is the world leader in Bitcoin business solutions Stage: seed round funded.

March 2013:

  • Ten Eight App – power your commercial real-estate deal process with Ten Eight automation
  • Pipefish – finding people who have your same taste and help you collaboratively find new stuff that best fits you.
  • Spensa Technologies – mission is to design, develop and deliver novel technologies for the agricultural industry.
  • Huge City – HUGECITY shows you everything going on around you.
  • Agency Spotter – Take your creative agency search from months to minutes with Agency Spotter

February 2013:

  • Zoompf helps the Enterprise build faster websites to increase customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Sideqik connects marketing partners and make your marketing partnerships much more effective.
  • Contigly connect buildings and people so they can communicate local-based Emergency Notifications
  • Monday Night Brewing brews beers for the weeknights – balanced, flavorful ales that pair well with food.
  • BetterCloud is a leading developer of Google Apps management tools that empower administrators and end users to get more out of Google Apps.

January 2013:

  • FlashIssue helps you build social newsletter digests in 5 minutes. Over 2,000 businesses have used their social newsletter service to create newsletters for their customers. FlashIssue’s CEO is Phil Hill who’s had multiple successful exits.
  • Pindrop Security stops phone fraud. Stellar team lead is by Paul Judge and invested in by Silicon Valley power house Andreessen Horowitz.
  • PatientCo makes it easier for you to pay your bills securely. Bird Blitch is a Ga Tech grad that’s steadily built PatientCo into a profit machine.
  • Bractlet is a Cleantech & IT startup changing the way hotel management and guests think about and use their energy.

December 2012:

  • RocketWhale has developed HowTracker, a cloud-based employee handbook for small- and medium-sized businesses.
  • ZPM Espresso has built a home espresso machine that gives you cafe-quality espresso in your kitchen, at an unprecedented low price. (they also happened to raise over $300k on Kickstarter. Wow.)
  • Abeo is like eHarmony and Linkedin for organizations.
  • Techturized is a hair care technology company providing personal recommendations based on hair type and lifestyle.
  • Less Meeting makes enterprise meetings productive, while making you look polished & professional to your clients.

November 2012: skipped

October 2012:

  • We&Co is a place for people who provide great service. Create an online, digital resume. Find jobs. And be recognized for a job well done.
  • Foundry Coffee makes coffee equipment that empowers end-users with their brewing data to help perfect their craft.
  • TableNow is bringing e-commerce to fine dining, curating dining experiences at acclaimed restaurants available for pre-purchase through one central marketplace.
  • Hypepotamus connects Atlanta Start-up resources through awareness, collaboration and education.
  • Badgy is like “SEO for Social”, providing social achievements for brand marketing

September: 2012:

  • TripLingo makes award-winning mobile apps to help travelers talk like a local and overcome the language barriers while traveling abroad.
  • Rigor provides software and services to help ecommerce companies increase sales by improving the performance and availability of their websites.
  • SalesLoft helps sales reps close more deals by providing a stream of intelligence about the people and companies the sales rep cares about.
  • Insightpool sorts through all the big data and identifies the most relevant influencers for your purpose, whether it’s your next loyal customer, your ideal market research respondent, or your ultimate brand ambassador.
  • BrightWhistle‘s first-in-class digital marketing solution delivers new patient leads for health care providers – and the agencies that serve them.


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