Decisions. (Book Review of Crossing the Chasm)

Decisions are offered daily when interacting with technology.

Our grandparents had major decisions: to buy a car, and then, which car, Ford or Chrysler? The fragmentation of technology has always forced consumers and businesses (groups of consumers) into multiple decisions.

In the past it may have looked like:

Do I take the escalator or the stairs?
Do I take the interstate or the backroads home?
Do I fly or drive?

Today, these decisions are multiplied.

Do I follow this person on Twitter?
Do I buy this software?
Do I subscribe to this blog?
Do I use this software?
Do I download this song?
Do I read this article?

The ultimate success of a product (adoption) occurs when the decisions are easy. If it positively impacts the individual’s life. Some people requires other people using it first. Others need a sense of cool for adoption. Most want utility.

A combination of factors equal the utility of a product and each industry has subset of decisions, culture, and definition of utility.

Does your product produce the right decisions?

This is a book review from Crossing the Chasm.

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