How to Never Lose

The ebb and flow of “success” is very real.

“Oh, you didn’t hear? That company is killing it!!” “You’ve got to meet them.”


“Oh, you didn’t hear? That company is on the way out. They’re business model tanked.”

Posts, tweets, and hearsay will never stop about the ups and downs of individuals, companies, organizations and political parties.

During an afternoon learning about Winston Churchill through his paintings, he was portrayed as an idealistic maverick with way-out-there political ideas all throughout the late 1920’s and 1930’s. It was written, people in politics didn’t even want to be seen dining with him for a period of time.

Churchill’s Paintings on display in Atlanta.

Yet, through his vision and determination, history rewards him as the savior of Europe.

People will always win. People will always fail. And, anyone doing anything worth a damn will always be perceived as doing both.

History’s most revered leaders did both.

The key to never losing is simple: make progress.

Make progress in work — more specifically, your skill.
Make progress with relationships: professional and personal.
Make progress on your hobby.
Make progress in learning.

Make progress.

Of course, it get’s complicated when prioritizing areas to make progress and the degree of progress relative to change.

Just make progress; you’ll never lose.

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