Quality Leadership

In the last two years of building Rivalry (sales coaching software), one skill always unveils itself at some point in the sales cycle. This skill can’t easily be seen. Observation, listening, and patience, are requirements to decipher it.

That skill is leadership.

When you talk to a sales rep (or any employee), one can uncover the leadership quality of a company, department, or country in a few simple questions. Questions like: Do you feel accomplished with what you’re doing? Are you fulfilling your potential in your current position? Heck, do you like your manager? All, just the tip of the iceberg.

Leadership is art — making every company, manager, and CEO unique.

My fascination around this skill has insatiably grown since starting Rivalry. Through our time in the field, we’ve become fairly accurate at predicting the tenure of VP’s of Sales over hundreds of discovery calls.

Leadership is the answer. Forbes has a good article if you’re wondering what are keys to sales leadership or what makes a good leader in general (Harvard Business Review).

This topic became even more fascinating as Rivalry evolved. In Rivalry 1.0, we provided necessary data necessary for a manager. Our data generated immense visibility into key insights. But visibility doesn’t equal control. Visibility doesn’t generate results. Quality leadership does.

Leadership often is mistaken for superiority, prestige, or position. At the core, its about uncovering and releasing the potential around you. Once a sales manager has metrics on “what’s going on,” the hard work begins.

How does a manager fulfill potential and generate momentum all while aligning interests?

Sound leadership.

Some argue sales leadership is the toughest position in the world. As I watch Meet the Press, I’m not so sure.

Regardless, whether you’re building a nation or a company, great leadership is required.


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