Stefan Koenig of Comes to Simply SaaS

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday 6/27) at 7:30 a.m. Simply SaaS is hosting’s CEO, Stefan Koenig, for a conversation about data, SaaS, and what it takes to build and scale a company in today’s environment.

The Simply SaaS Meetup has been held regularly since January. Past CEO’s interviewed include Garrett Langley of FlockSafety, Luke Beard of Exposure, and George Azih of LeaseQuery.

These Meetups curate entrepreneurs in the arena who are building product and going to market full throttle. The conversations provide a blueprint to their entrepreneurial journey which help design and architect the path for the entrepreneur of tomorrow. is an exciting company to explore because of the problem they are solving. As every user takes action on the web, our behavior and activity is collected and aggregated into different applications. For example, if I enter my email address into a newsletter form or sign up for a free trial on a company’s website, that information will go into that company’s database. Often times, those databases are siloed: marketing has my email address, the product team has my level of engagement on their free trial, the CRM has my role and title. Rarely do any of them talk to each other with ease and more importantly, none of that software goes out and finds more information on me that I’ve left on the internet. Enter

All of this leads to deeper understanding of the customer which helps shape and improve the overall customer experience.

Hull’s content is very strong. Two of my favorites include their in-depth post on data enrichment and their Complete Guide of Product Qualified Leads.

Tomorrow morning’s conversation already has 30+ people RSVP’d. If you’re interested to learn about some of the most advanced ways to aggregate and organize data as well as hear about Stefan’s decision has made to build a SaaS company, then definitely come to the Atlanta Tech Village at 7:30 a.m.


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