Write The Wikipedia Entry You One Day Want

Every week I find it fascinating to read about the legacies of great business titans in the Wall Street Journal where unfortunately the great Keeper of Time has finally called. The obituaries showcase a bit of why they were successful, normally it’s from one successful business enterprise or another. Often times the content showcases oddities few people would know from a simple google search of their name. For example, they bought a piece of artwork for this gallery or donated this artifact to XYZ. It shows the more human side of what they did with their wealth which gives light to their priorities and values.

I often find myself wondering why wait for an obituary in this day and age. Arguably, Wikipedia is a modern day way to document someone’s actions and accomplishments from past and present. Many entrepreneurs execute the beneficial 1 page strategic plan (or here), I view the obituary or one’s Wikipedia entry as a final result of the 1 page strategic plans from your life — up to this point and in the future.

This doesn’t mean go and write your actual Wikipedia entry on the site, just write one for you personally, forecast the future, things you want to do, titles you want to earn, and accomplishments you’ll be known for in the next 10, 20, 30, and who knows, maybe 100 years!

I love this way to frame our thinking because it puts a magnanimous filter on our actions and keeps the long term thinking front and center, which solidifies our priorities, values, and short term behaviors.

Write the Wikipedia entry you one day want to have on the site.

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