3 Presenting Side Hustles Next Week

When one of the presenters asked me a few weeks ago how many people would show up for the first Simply SaaS Side Hustle MeetUp, my guess was 10-15 folks.

Amazingly, in the past two weeks since we announced the event, over 120 people have joined the MeetUp and 60+ have RSVP’d to the first event.

The appetite to build in Atlanta is strong.

The following are the three presenters of their side hustle at Switchyards on September 5th at 8:00 a.m.

  1. Read Roberts of PubFacts. Years ago Read built software to better search and organize medical journals. PubFacts pulls data from PubMed (think, the Library of Congress for Medical Journals) and provides an online community of doctors to build and polish their online publishing presence.
  2. Christopher Travers of Dogs Of UGA. Christopher started this Instagram account while at UGA. Today 20,000 followers get to see the cutest and loveliest dogs of UGA…and we know there are so many great Georgia Bulldawgs out there! Learn how Christopher monetizes and curates some of the finest content in the land.
  3. Will Hankinson of IntroCave. Making intro videos for your Youtube channel is pretty difficult and time consuming. IntroCave makes the process easy and simple. Learn how Will found this business, purchased it, and the steps he is taking to grow the user base.

All of these side hustles are part time and have potential to be more if they want to. Come next week and learn more about the decisions they’ve made and actions they took to build their side hustle.

See you then!


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