Introducing the Simply SaaS Side Hustle Meetup

In town, startups have numerous opportunities to share their progress. Atlanta Startup Village, The Consumer Show, and Atlanta Startup Battle are all great options to regularly put your startup on display.

Over the past 7 years since Atlanta Startup Village first started with 18 people in the physical space of Hypepotamus, a lot has changed. The cost to start a SaaS business has dropped significantly. The number of engineers has grown significantly in thanks to the plethora of ways to learn  how to write software — from code school to Code Academy. Lastly, not everyone is looking to build a billion dollar unicorn. Niche, bootstrapped businesses can turn into hundred million dollar behemoths or level out to be regular lunch money. Either way, “building an app” or starting a side hustle has never been easier and the creativity and timing around it is fascinating.

This is why we at Simply SaaS are starting a new Meetup focused on the SaaS Side Hustle. The first one will be held at SwitchYards Downtown Club on Wednesday, September 5th at 8:00 a.m.

We have three very unique and interesting side hustles on display. One is looking to be sold, another is looking to monetize their 30,000+ users, and our third one is looking to 2x their current revenue this year.

It’ll be a regular Meetup for people who:

  • want to build a side hustle
  • connect with others who want to build a side hustle
  • have a side hustle while doing a full time job.
  • are about to go full time to their side hustle.
  • are entrepreneurs of $100mm businesses of tomorrow

The 3 speakers will share what they’ve built and the decisions they’re making today on how to grow it, scale it, or put it on auto-pilot.

In the world of lean startups, the side hustle is the perfect way to start off. It’s almost impossible to build a side hustle to scale while part time, but there have been hundreds of side hustles that have turned into full time, multi-billion dollar businesses. The first step might be spending 6 months doing customer discovery on weekends and nights, or starting a blog to engage potential early customers, or looking for co-founders to help build or market the problem.

Join us in early September! Register here.


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