Fast Times at Atlanta Tech Village

Today was the first day working on NewCo in the Atlanta Tech Village.

There’s a very comfortable, fast-paced vibe around the Atlanta Tech Village.

It’s like this:

When the SalesLoft team spent the summer in Boulder, work wasn’t work. Building the company was ingrained with our daily lives. We grabbed a beer, went back to building, ate dinner, went back to building, went on a hike, back to TechStars hq to continue building. There was almost always something going on; someone was always doing something. It’s at these moments, one random question turns into a two hour conversation about life, startups, technology, or whatever’s on the mind.

When Richard Branson started Virgin Records, his first couple stores had great records, but what he created best was a hangout. Branson knew the people who hung out at the record stores would not only listen to great music but likely buy it. That’s what’s happening and going to happen at the Atlanta Tech Village. If people enjoy hanging out where they build companies, they’ll build better companies. And the real renovations to the ATV haven’t even happened yet.

There’s no place in Atlanta I’ve experienced a work vibe close to Boulder. Hypepotamus is definitely the closest.

It exciting to build a company, but spending time with people who I respect, enjoy, and learn from, will make the journey even more incredible.



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