Digital Well Being and Anti-Screen Addiction

Ever since we doubled down starting new companies out of Atlanta Ventures the energy around the office is beyond spirited and borderline frenetic. Autonomous lawnmower parts can be found around the office, meetings left and right with potential customers, hires, and much more are happening with all the companies starting up.

Juxtaposed to the hectic environment is James Yancey, the CEO of James started earlier this year to solve the growing epidemic around the effects of screen time and screen addiction — particularly among teens and pre-teens. The data around early studies suggests teens “are less happy, more depressed, and more likely overweight.”

The scientific research and journals are just starting to make major headlines. It makes sense considering the iPhone was launched less than twelve years ago. is in the early stages of building a community (even before the product is created). Through James’ first 50 customer discovery calls, he’s learned so much he was inclined to share his findings.

He just published The First 50 Report and The Top 10 Findings. 

If you care about the wild west of screen time effects and digital well-being, check out

James is just getting started!




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