Selling Technology Will Always Be The Future

One of my buddies who sells golf clubs asked me the other day “what’s it like to sell technology?” “Isn’t it so hard to understand it and sell it?” I explained to him that he’s actually in technology sales, it was just less pronounced because it wasn’t software.

This is the best example I could provide him.

The summer months are always a good time to get my dad caught up on the latest technology. Whether it’s an iPad for Father’s Day or a golf club for his birthday; bringing technology to someone who won’t always actively seek it is fun.

This past Father’s Day, after about a decade of telling my dad, “Dad, a new driver would do you well, there are a lot of good ones on the market.” His response is almost always the same: “my driver works great just the way it is. I hit fairways and have enough distance.”

Most years I shake it off. After all, he’s loved his Big Bertha II for quite some time.

Finally this year, I didn’t ask him. The family got him the new black R1 TaylorMade driver. This thing is bad: adjustable face angle, lie, weight, etc, you name it and it can just about do it.

I didn’t ask; I just put in his hands. After one round he was 20 yards longer. He loved it.

Think about this from the technology sales perspective. My dad has all of the qualities of a “perfect prospect.” He just needed to be educated.

Using the traditional BANT qualification method:

Budget: Outside of golf, there’s not much he’ll splurge on, and by the way, this was a gift!
Authority:  He has the ability to make the purchase.
Need: This is the big one. His perceived need was very low. The only thing that demonstrated the need was getting the new technology in his hand (what great sales guys do).
Timeframe: With summer well under way and many more golf rounds to be played, this was perfect timing.

I expressed to my buddy, selling software is no different than selling the latest golf club, you’re still selling technology. He’s selling a better tool to perform a craft/sport. You’re job as the sales rep it to help people realize that your technology will make their life better.

Selling technology is one of the most rewarding sales because it pushes boundaries of human potential. Whether it’s a new medical device for hearts, a driver that produces 20 yards of length, or a software that helps a sales organization run like a revenue generating machine, selling technology is the best.

The most successful technology sales reps have a core belief their product will change the lives of their prospects.


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