Two Videos of Atlanta Entrepreneurs Worth Watching

Recently finished watching 2 excellent videos highlighting some of Atlanta’s most successful entrepreneurs. Both guys attended UGA and have built completely different types of companies.

The first video is of Reggie Bradford.

Companies: WebMD, N2Broadband, Vitrue

Major highlights in the video:

– Raising money.
– Why he stayed in Atlanta. Here is his TechCrunch post referenced in the video.
– What makes a successful pivot.
– Work life balance.
– The changes from late 90’s to today in technology.

(h/t to Michael Tavani for making these videos — the entire OnDoers series is worth watching)

The second video is of Ben Chestnut.

Company: MailChimp

2011/12 Creative Mornings with Ben Chestnut from CreativeMornings/Atlanta on Vimeo.

Major highlights in the video:

– how he creates organized chaos
– what to focus on in order to produce a creative company
– his path to entrepreneurship
– expounds on love what you do vs. do what you love

These videos are fantastic and I highly recommend anyone in technology to watch them.

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